New delivery fee

Construction work on Nguyen Huu Canh Street has begun, and due to traffic jam and traffic control from the District 2. So 1 pc buy delivery fee 50% off , More than 2 pcs delivery fee free from October 10th. (Only HCMC)

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Gift set

Now accepting reservations!!

Handing over from August 11, 2020.

How about a gift for Mid-Autumn Festival?

Please feel free to customize combination of danish or any request.

☎ 098-886-7671(ZALO/SMS)

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“Ochugen” is one of the Japanese culture which is giving of gifts from the begging of July to mid-August as an expression of gratitude and health wishes to

customers and friends.

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“Mottainai” with a sense of gratitude.

Mottainai is an ancient Buddhist word of Japan that means to have respect for the resources around you, to not waste resources, and to use them with a sense of gratitude.

Grand Marble Vietnam wants to introduce our product without standard shapes or nearly expiration date, just over the counter of our shop, daily small amount.

We are very happy to share “Mottainai” mind with you. Thank you very much for select us, and non wasting food!

For all kind 100,000VND per pcs.

Kind of menu and stock for sale will be depend on each day. Not for delivery order, just at counter sales.

Thank you very match.

We can delivery of danish

We are opening as usual.
And We can delivery of danish.

We are looking forward to your call or message on the facebook.

reception hours for delivery

8:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Pre-Order Fresh Baked Denish

Pre-Order Fresh Baked Denish

Thank you very much for using Grand Marble Vietnam for your special occasion.

We are very pleased to inform our new service, Pre-Order flesh baked Danish,which is made at our well equipped kitchen directly to your table.

Fresh baked Danish is a kind of fine article to feel true taste and aroma, recommended to enjoy while it’s hot.

Pre Order Fresh Baked Denish(Prestige) 220,000VND/1pcs
No usual packaging for remain heat and please consume within the day of purchasing.

Please order by 5pm the day before baking.
TEL: 098-886-7617

You can pick up or receive delivery after 1pm, 3pm, 5pm of baking day.